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Technical Service Providers Update

Certified Crop Advisor training conducted by NRCS on November 30 - December 2, 2010, included an an update to TSP requirements for the development of Conservation Activity Plans (CAP). The following information was obtained from a slide presentation being shown at the CCA training, by Dale Gates, NRCS TSP Coordinator.

  • TSPs will no longer be required to complete an Environmental Evaluation for Conservation Activity Plans (CAPS) including Comprehensive Nutrient Management. Plan (CNMP) the CAPS starting in 2011.
  • NRCS will be expected to complete the CPA-52 for CAP plans submitted.
  • The CAP plan must be complete and contain the information necessary for NRCS to complete the CPA-52.
  • The CPA-52 is an effective tool to present alternatives with appropriate evaluations.
  • Continued use as a tool by TSPs for CAPS is encouraged.
  • AgLearn requirements will be updated.
  • This policy only applies to CAPS at the current time. Other Non-CAP plans (CAFO CNMPs and other plans not subject to NRCS review) require the completion of the CPA-52 by the planner (completion to the appropriate level).

Conservation Activity Plans

  • Conservation Activity Plans to be offered in 2011:
    • Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMP) (written)
    • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) (written)
    • Agricultural Energy Management Plans (AgEMP) (written)
    • Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC) (written)  
    • Nutrient Management Plan (written)  
  • Conservation Activity Plans possible for 2011:
    • Irrigation Water Management Plan (written)
    • Transition to Organic Plan (written)
    • Air Quality Management Plan (written)
  • Conservation Activity Plans beyond 2011?:
    • Grazing Management Plan (written)
    • Forestry Management Plan (written)
  • Criteria for technical content for each CAP will be posted on eFOTG-Section 3.
  • Each CAP will have a Statement of Work (SOW).
  • Each CAP will have an associated checklist.

Certification for CAPs

  • NRCS needs to build increased capacity for CAP development by TSPs.
  • Criteria for specific CAP category certification is posted on TechReg.
  • Initial certification for a CAP category requires the submission and review of a plan that covers the CAP category.
  • Depending on the CAP category-initial plan reviews for certification will either be conducted at National Headquarters (NHQ) or State Resource Conservation (SRC) staff in State.
  • New TSPs must obtain a Level 2 eAuth.
  • Complete required on-line AgLearn courses (e-mail Dan Hall).
  • Submit a plan for review and approval.
  • Complete profile documenting credentials on Tech Reg for appropriate categories.
  • Submit for certification.

Existing TSPs that wish to add certification categories

  • Review Certification criteria in TechReg.
  • Complete any required AgLearn Courses.
  • Submit a plan for review if required.
  • Update TechReg profile for additional categories.
  • Submit for certification.

For resident New York TSPs, submit plans to:

Dale Gates, TSP Coordinator
9025 River Road
Marcy NY, 13403Service Center Locator
315-736-3316 ext 133
E-mail: Dale Gates