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News Release

Application Cutoff Dates for the Young Forest Initiative to Benefit Native Wildlife in New York

Rebecca Foltasz

The Wildlife Management Institute, in partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Audubon New York, the National Wild Turkey Federation, Quality Deer Management Association, and the Ruffed Grouse Society, is offering an opportunity for producers in New York State to apply for financial assistance to address insufficient young forest habitat for targeted wildlife species.


In recent years, New York State has experienced a decline in the populations of the New England Cottontail, Golden-Winged Warbler, American Woodcock and other species of native wildlife.  The reductions in population are associated with a decline of young forest, a crucial habitat type. The term “Young Forest” is used to describe ecosystems densely occupied with seedlings, saplings, shrubs, and other early-successional plants.


Through the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP), funding is available to private forest owners and operators for forest stewardship planning and for implementing practices that restore young forest habitat. Local Partners and NRCS offices will work together to provide assistance to producers in planning and implementing conservation practices.


This RCPP partnership announces November 2, 2018 as the application cutoff date for the next round of funding. All applications are competitive and are ranked based on locally identified resource priorities and the overall benefit to the environment. Interested landowners should contact their local NRCS office for additional information and to obtain an application.


To be eligible for funding consideration, applicants must have a site visit completed by NRCS and Partner with a complete forest management plan, reviewed by an NRCS biologist, which documents the landowner’s decision and young forest goals by November 2, 2018. By December 7, 2018 the Forest Management Plan must receive a NRCS second level of review and meet all conservation plan requirements to remain eligible for funding.


As part of application process, all landowners will need to complete USDA eligibility requirements. To find information on EQIP Eligibility please visit: .

If you are interested in applying for an NRCS conservation program please visit the NRCS web site for information at: .


You may apply by visiting your local NRCS field office, which can be located using the web site: .


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