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NRCS New York Hispanic Emphasis Program


The goal of the Hispanic Emphasis Program is to address and work towards the representation of Hispanic employees in the NRCS workforce, improve awareness and understanding of Hispanic cultures, and to improve program delivery to Hispanic groups, individuals and communities.


The Hispanic Emphasis Program was established by a Presidential Directive in 1970 as a Sixteen Point Program for Spanish Speaking Americans. It was designed to assure consideration of the needs and problems of people of Hispanic origin in all aspects of Federal personnel management. Hispanics are persons of Mexican, Cuban, Central and South American or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race.

Current HEPM Projects in New York

  • Translating to Spanish USDA literature to customers
  • Providing technical assistance and leadership to Hispanic landowners and operators as well as NRCS
  • Educating the Hispanic community about agriculture and Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Hispanic Heritage Month event
  • Working with Hispanic serving institutes
  • Business reports

Government in Spanish

Environmental Protection Agency en Espanol (EPA)
Natural Resources Conservation Service en Espanol (NRCS) en Espanol
United States Department of Agriculture en Espanol (USDA)

Calendar of Events

Month Activity
September 15 to October 15 National Hispanic Heritage Month

Information Resources

Bibliography on Hispanics and Agriculture
NRCS Support for Hispanics in Agriculture
Student Opportunities, Internships and Scholarships
USDA Target Center

Janella Cruz, Hispanic Emphasis Program Manager
E-mail: Janella Cruz