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Asian American/Pacific Islander Emphasis Program

The purpose of this program is to provide focus on issues such as equal program delivery and employment, promotion, training and career enhancement affecting Asian American employees and applicants in NRCS.


The Asian American/Pacific Islanders (AA/PI) Emphasis Program Manager works toward enhancing equal access to all employment opportunities for Asian American and Pacific Islander employees within NRCS.

The program seeks to:

  • promote and establish effective and equitable participation in the work force
  • enhance career development and advancement in NRCS and improve under representation
  • encourage awareness of the impact of Asian and Pacific Islander cultures and contributions
  • market natural resource conservation programs to the Asian and Pacific Islanders communities
  • provide information to all employees and keeps them informed of Asian Pacific American activities
  • establish and maintain effective relationships with Asian organizations and groups
  • participate in recruitment efforts
  • contribute to the development of the overall Equal Opportunity program

Services Offered

  • Translated media to communicate with producers
  • Information on Asian and Pacific Islanders activities and cultural difference in communication, etc
  • Participates in recruitment efforts and compliance reviews.

Calendar of Events

Month Activity
May National Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Information Resources

Asian Pacific Islander American Health Forum
Census Bureau Facts of Asian Population
Federal Asian Pacific America Council
National USDA/NRCS Asian American/Pacific Islanders Page
NRCS AA/PI State Emphasis Program Managers

Dave Roberts, Asian American/Pacific Islanders Emphasis Program Manager
Telephone: 315-736-3316
E-mail: Dave Roberts