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How to Get an USDA User ID and Password - eAuth


Who needs eAuthentication access?

USDA employees, partners, federal contractors, and Technical Service Providers (TSP's) that need access to USDA web based applications.

What are the benefits of having an eAuthentication account?

Your eAuthentication account gives you access to a wide range of USDA web based applications via the internet, such as AgLearn and TechReg. Your eAuthentication account consists of a User ID, password, and your customer profile, which contains information about you that will help USDA make decisions about your identity. Currently, USDA offers accounts with Level 1 Access and Level 2 Access accounts.

What is a Level 1 Access Account?

A Level 1 Access Account provides you with limited access to USDA web site portals and applications that have minimal security requirements. It does not allow you to conduct official electronic business transactions with the USDA via the internet.

What is a Level 2 Access Account?

A Level 2 Access Account provides access to all the portals and applications that are covered by an account with Level 2 Access. If you need access to AgLearn then you should apply for a Level 2 Access Account. You must have a valid email address to register for a Level 2 Access Account.

How to Create an Account?

Go to and click “Create an Account”. Select the account level you are requesting.

You will be prompted to enter your customer profile information including User ID and password. You must respond to your confirmation email within 7 days. In addition, you must visit the nearest USDA Service Center in person and provide proof of your identity with a current State Driver’s License, State Photo ID, US Passport or US Military ID with a Local Registering Authority (LRA). The LRA is a USDA employee who will complete the eAuthentication process. Please note that if you do not confirm your email within 7 days, you will have to start the registration process over again by creating another profile, with a new user ID.

If you plan to become a Technical Service Provider, you must also have an account in the Service Center Information Management System (SCIMS) database. Request to be entered into SCIMS when you present your identification to the LRA, and request that your eAuthentication and SCIMS accounts are linked. The LRA can add your individual record into the SCIMS system if a record does not already exist.

Map of Level 2 eAuthentication Locations

For More Information Contact

Jonnie Eyler, Local Registration Authority
775-857-8500 ext. 100