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Mississippi River Basin Healthy Watersheds Initiative in Missouri

To improve the health of the Mississippi River Basin, including water quality and wildlife habitat, NRCS developed the Mississippi River Basin Healthy Watershed Initiative (MRBI). Through MRBI, NRCS and its conservation partners will help producers in previously-selected watersheds voluntarily implement conservation practices that avoid, control and trap runoff, while maintaining agricultural productivity and improving wildlife habitat.

Currently there are multiple active MRBI projects in Missouri. Local sponsors have solicited the support of many different partners and watershed stakeholders throughout these watersheds to implement locally derived conservation objectives. MRBI projects (watershed projects listed below) provide multi-year opportunities and eligible producers must develop contracts by visiting their local USDA Service Center.

The following links provide MRBI-specific FY18 information for these active projects in Missouri.

The documents listed below require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Application cutoff date for these projects was November 17, 2017.  A FY18 MRBI project map for Missouri and overview of each project is available here.

Watershed Projects Year Projects Initiated Counties Included by Project

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HUC 080202010203 James Bayou-St. John's Diversion Ditch   

HUC 080202010204 Mud Ditch

HUC 080202010101 Brewer Lake

HUC 080202010201 O'Bryan Ridge-New Madrid Floodway

HUC 080202010202 Black Bayou-James Bayou

Bird's Point Alluvial Plain/Upper Birds Point 2015 and 2016 Combined Mississippi and New Madrid

EQIP MRBI Bird's Point Alluvial Plain Program Policy 

EQIP MRBI Bird's Point Alluvial Plain Ranking Questions

HUC 080202040802 Upper Buffalo Creek Ditch Dunklin Southern Ridge 2015 Dunklin

EQIP MRBI Dunklin Southern Ridge Program Policy 

EQIP MRBI Dunklin Southern Ridge Questions 

HUC 102801031203 Bear Creek-West Yellow Creek Linn County Healthy Watershed Initiative 2015 Linn

EQIP MRBI Linn County Healthy Watershed Initiative Program Policy

EQIP MRBI Linn County Healthy Watershed Initiative Ranking Questions

HUC 071100070401 Peno Creek

HUC 071100070205 Spencer Cree

Ralls and Pike County 2015 Ralls and Pike

EQIP MRBI Ralls and Pike County Program Policy

EQIP MRBI Ralls and Pike County Ranking Questions 

HUC 102400110302 Sugar Creek 

HUC 102400110304 Mission Creek-Missouri River

HUC 102400110301 Lewis and Clark Lake-Missouri River

HUC 102400110401 Upper Bee Creek

HUC 102400110402 Middle Bee Creek

Sugar Creek Bean Lake/Lewis and Clark-Bee Creeks 2015 and 2016 Combined Buchanan and Platte

EQIP MRBI Sugar Creek Bean Lake Program Policy

EQIP MRBI Sugar Creek Bean Lake Ranking Questions 

HUC 102901110404 Profits Creek-Osage River

HUC 102901110401 Sugar Creek

Profits Creek 2016 Osage, Cole, Maries and Miller

EQIP MRBI Profits Creek Program Policy

EQIP MRBI Profits Creek Ranking Questions

HUC 071100040105 Headwaters South Fork North River

HUC  071100040107 Hawkins Branch-North River

North River 2016 Shelby, Marion, Monroe, Ralls

EQIP MRBI North River Program Policy

EQIP North River Ranking Questions



Additional Links

How to Apply for NRCS Financial Assistance in Missouri (click here)

National Mississippi River Basin Healthy Watersheds Initiative (click here)

Missouri MRBI Program Contact

Curt McDaniel, Assistant State Conservationist for Programs
USDA NRCS State Office
Parkade Center, Suite 250
601 Business Loop, 70 West
Columbia, MO 65203
Phone: 573-876-9363

Lauren A. Cartwright, EQIP Program Coordinator
USDA NRCS State Office
Parkade Center, Suite 250
601 Business Loop, 70 West
, MO 65203
Phone: 573-876-9415