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2011 Cost Lists for Use in Customer Service Toolkit

New Mexico

Important Note: These documents were prepared for use in Customer Service Toolkit.

Data below is formatted for use in Customer Service Toolkit (Toolkit) and will generally only be of use to NRCS employees. They are in Excel format and include a column titled "Cost Share Rate" - universally populated at 100%. This is not the actual or intended "cost share rate," and can largely be ignored as it is a relic necessitated by the programming requirements of Toolkit and ProTracts, agency planning and contracting software. More detailed information on the cost share rates employed in development of the payment schedules is available in the actual payment schedules (zipped above) and in the programs area of this website.

2011 Payment Schedules

Important Note: "Payment Schedules" provide detailed information on "typical" costs for NRCS practice scenarios.

 The following documents require Microsoft Excel.

    Summary of 2011 Payment Schedules (343 kb) with scenario descriptions
    Complete (zipped version of) 2011 general EQIP and WHIP payment schedules (2 mb) or 2011 EQIP organic payment schedules (1 mb).