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NRCS #Plant 2021 Campaign

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April 16, 2021

NRCS #Plant 2021 Campaign

NRCS NM Seeking Pictures of NM Planting

This planting season, let us showcase your New Mexico operation by participating in the #Plant2021 campaign! We’ll share your story on social media and Here’s how: 

  1. Using your smartphone or digital camera, take photos of what’s happening on your operation during planting season. Videos may be too large to email as attachment, so you can email them to us via mail drop (iPhone), Google Photos (Android), or any other file sharing service. A few ideas: 
  • If you’re comfortable, we’d love to see you and the people that make it happen set against the backdrop of your agricultural operation. 
  • Take a photo from inside the cab of your tractor so that we can see what you see.
  • Photos at sunrise or sunset are always beautiful!
  • Behind-the-scenes photos showing us the amount of planning and preparation it takes to have a successful planting season are welcomed.
  1. Submit the photo(s) along with the following information to us at
  • Your name, if you’re comfortable sharing.
  • Location of your operation. 
  • Information about what’s in the photograph(s) and the crop(s) you are planting. 
  • Your thoughts about this year’s planting season.
  • Your operation’s Facebook/Twitter/Instagram account, if you have one and want us to tag you.

Please note that by submitting your photo/video, you are granting USDA permission to use these materials for outreach and education purposes.


USDA is an Equal opportunity provider, employer and lender.