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News Release

July 2020 - New Mexico Employee of the Month

Photo of Lucas Montano, Rangeland Management Specialist with Team 5 selected as NMEOM for July 2020.





July 1, 2020


Albuquerque – Lucas Montano, Rangeland Management Specialist with Team 5 in Santa Rosa, NM.  Lucas has been selected as the NMEOM for July 2020.  Lucas assisted the New Mexico State Office Programs staff with testing CSP CD/CART rankings for the state.  He also developed a digital tutorial for planners to use statewide to assist with the program and served as a contact for other Teams in the state to solve CD/CART issues that arose during implementation of the new planning systems.

As a result of Lucas’ efforts, all New Mexico CSP rankings were tested before they were released for statewide use to ensure the process and rankings worked properly.  This enabled the state to complete CSP renewal rankings by established deadlines.

Lucas Montano has received the award for his achievement and recognition.


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