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News Release

September 2019 - New Mexico Employee of the Month

NRCS Contact:
Alicia Rodriguez (505) 761-4421

August 30, 2019

Doreen Padilla - Provided Purchasing Assistance for the South Area

Albuquerque, N.M. – Doreen Padilla, Area Administrative Assistant for the North Area on being selected as the New Mexico Employee of the Month (NMEOM) for September 2019.  Doreen provided purchase card services for the entire South Area.  This accomplishment exceeds normal expectation as it encompasses the entire South Area (double the normal workload).  In addition to the six teams she serves in the north, she is also serving an additional five teams plus the South Area Office. 

As a result of her efforts, the South Area has the supplies, equipment, and services needed to accomplish the agency mission.  She coordinated a process to efficiently order routine supplies needed by the South Area, obtained required approvals, and reallocated transactions in a timely manner.


Photo of Doreen Padilla, Administrative Assist for the North Area, New Mexico Employee of the Month for September







Doreen Padilla is Area Administrative Assistant for North Area, selected as the NMEOM for September 2019.
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