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News Release

July 2019 - New Mexico NRCS Employee of the Month

Photo of Lucas Montano, New Mexico Employee of the Month for July, presentation with grade school students

NRCS Contact:
Alicia Rodriguez (505) 761-4421

July 3, 2019

Lucas Montano - Presentation for Grade School Students

Albuquerque, N.M. – Lucas is the Rangeland Management Specialist in Team 5.  Lucas’s “Kids, Kows and More” presentation introduced 120 grade school students to the different types of grasses in Guadalupe county, the different root systems associated with grasses, forbs, and woody plant species, and how they come together to create a healthy ecosystem.  He explained how properly managed cattle grazing positively impacts the rangeland. Realizing that the average age of New Mexico’s agricultural producers continues to rise. Lucas focused his presentation to increase student’s knowledge of the social and ecological benefits of agriculture while planting the seed that they are the future of food production and land stewardship.

Lucas planned and delivered presentation opened students’ eyes to the ecological and economic importance of agriculture while teaching them that they could play a role in sustaining the future by pursuing careers in agriculture.  The planning, organization, and presentation of this outreach event exceeded his normal responsibilities.

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