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News Release

New Mexico Selects Employee of the Month for June 2018

NRCS Contact:
Alicia Rodriguez (505) 761-4421

June 1, 2018

Kelley Mullen, Availability for Ecological Site Description (ESD) Data

Albuquerque, N.M. – Kelley is being recognized for her dedication and diligence in ensuring continued availability for Ecological Site Description (ESD) data. The Ecological Site Information System (ESIS) is being replaced by a new system named the Ecosystem Dynamics Interpretive Tool (EDIT). Transfer of data from ESIS to EDIT is predicted to encounter challenges; therefore, before the transfer process initiates, Kelley created a “safe” location to ensure NM NRCS staff will have continued access to this important data.

New Mexico currently has 333 Ecological and Forestland Sites.  Kelley downloaded each Forestland and Rangeland MLRA complete report from the ESIS database. Kelley then converted the files from a HTML to a pdf format, named and filed the .pdf's into the S drive for safe housing. Kelley also created a spreadsheet covering all 333 sites and the degree of completion of each site. This effort encompassed 60 hours of Kelley’s time in addition to her normal duties.

Thanks to Kelley’s effort, New Mexico NRCS staff, other agencies, and the public will have continued Ecological Site Description information availability imperative for conservation planning and conservation practice design development.

Kelley will receive an award for her achievement and recognition.

Photo of Kelley Mullen, Administrative Assistant for the Resource Technology Staff at the State Office.


Kelley Mullen, Administrative Assistant for the Resource Technology Staff at the State Office in Albuquerque, on being selected as the NMEOM for June 2018.
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