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New Jersey NRCS Irrigation Guide

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The individual chapters, contents, cover and chapter dividers can be downloaded (dial-up and slow connections) or the entire 262 page Irrigation Guide (5.7 mb) can be downloaded if you have a fast internet connection.

Chapter 1 Introduction (18 kb)
            a) General Information
            b) Considerations
            c) Irrigation System Plan

Chapter 2 Soils (49 kb)
            a) Water Holding Capacity
            b) Water Intake Rate
            c) Water Application Rates
            d) Available Water Capacity
            e) Erosion Control
            f) Information for Design Purposes

Chapter 3 Crops (38 kb)
            a) Critical Growth Periods
            b) Salinity Tolerance
            c) Irrigation-Related Management Factors

Chapter 4 Water Requirements (275 kb)
            a) Crop Evapotranspiration
            b) Net Irrigation Water Requirements
            c) Management Allowed Soil-Water Depletion
            d) Auxiliary Water Requirements
            e) Water Requirements for Soil-Water Budget/Balance Analysis
            f) Water Sources

Chapter 5 Irrigation Method Selection (55 kb)
            a) General
            b) Methods and Systems to Apply Irrigation Water
            c) Site Conditions
            d) Selection of Irrigation Method and System
            e) Adaptability and Limitations of Irrigation Methods and Systems

Chapter 6 Irrigation System Design (577 kb)
            a) General
            b) Sprinkler Irrigation Systems
            c) Sprinkler System Design
            d) Micro irrigation Systems
            e) Microirrigation System Design

Chapter 7 Farm Distribution Systems (497 kb)
            a) Pipeline Delivery Systems
            b) Open Ditches
            c) Water Control Structures
            d) Water Management
            e) Tailwater Recovery Systems (container nursery)
            f) Pumping Plant

Chapter 8 Project and Farm Irrigation Requirements (11 kb)

Chapter 9 Irrigation Water Management (629 kb)
            a) General
            b) Irrigation Water Management Concepts
            c) Soil-Plant-Water Balance
            d) Irrigation Scheduling
            e) Irrigation System Evaluation

Chapter 10 Conservation Management Systems and Irrigation Planning (28 kb)
            a) General
            b) The Planning Process
            c) Irrigation Water Management Plan
            d) Planning Aids

Chapter 11 Economic Evaluations (10 kb)

Chapter 12 Energy Use and Conservation (11 kb)

Chapter 13 Quality of Water Supply (23 kb)
            a) General
            b) Water Quality

Chapter 14 Environmental Concerns (10 kb)

Chapter 15 Tools and Worksheets (309 kb)

Chapter 16 Special Use Tables, Charts, and Conversions (17 kb)

Chapter 17 Glossary and References (103 kb)

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New Jersey NRCS Irrigation Guide  (5.9 mb) 

Warning: This is a very large document. Download the chapters individually above if you have a slow internet connection. The cover, contents and chapter dividers are also available individually.

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NRCS Irrigation website


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