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Wetlands and Wetlands Enhancement

wetlandsA wetland is a marsh-type area with saturated soils and water-loving plants. Wetlands provide wildlife habitat and serve as natural filters of agricultural runoff. Wetland enhancement is installing practices such as dikes into existing wetlands to manage water levels and improve habitat.

How it helps...

  • Wetlands can provide natural pollution control. They remove nutrients, pesticides, and bacteria from surface waters and can act as efficient, low-cost sewage and animal waste treatment practices.
  • Wetlands filter and collect sediment from runoff water before it infiltrates into ground water supplies
  • Because wetlands slow overland flow and store runoff water, they reduce both soil erosion and flooding downstream
  • Many wetlands release water slowly into the ground which recharges groundwater supplies
  • Wetlands provide habitat for waterfowl and many other species of wildlife
  • wetlands add beauty and value to a farm


  • Soil Erosion
  • Water Quality
  • Wildlife