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Surveys and Planning in New Jersey's Watersheds

Surveys and Planning in New Jersey's Watersheds

A watershed is an area of land which drains to a stream, river, lake or other water body.

Status of Watershed Projects in New Jersey - updated February 2013

The documents linked below require Adobe Acrobat.

Installed Watershed Plans
Watershed Planning Report
Active Projects
Rehabilitation Projects circle that indicates locations on the map
RC&D Watershed Management Projects
  • 20-Raritan Basin
  • 21-Upper Delaware Watershed Management Area
New Jersey Map showing Watershed Projects

Project Fact Sheets and Watershed Plans

Watershed Plans provide a watershed description including the definition of the watershed problem(s), inventory and analysis of the problem, formulates, evaluates and compares solutions and ultimately results in sponsor selection of a solution.

Fact Sheets provide project-specific information on the drainage area, location of the watershed, sponsors, objectives of the watershed plan and project, land treatment and structural measures, status, operation and maintenance and benefits.

  Drainage Area (Acres) Project Purpose(s) Location (Counties) Fact Sheet * Watershed Plan*
Assunpink Creek 58,500 Flood Damage Reduction, Fish and Wildlife Recreation Mercer, Monmouth



Clove Brook 12,700 Water Quality Sussex FS  
Furnace Brook 4,968 Flood Damage Reduction, Recreation Warren FS WP (17mb)
Lockatong and Wickecheoke Creek 31,802 Sediment Reduction Hunterdon


Middle Neck 1,722 Flood Damage Reduction Salem FS WP (26mb)
Millstone River 184,300 Flood Damage Reduction Hunterdon, Mercer, Monmouth, Middlesex and Somerset FS  
Navesink River 60,000 Water Quality Monmouth FS  
Parkers Creek 4,863 Agricultural Drainage Burlington FS  
Paulins Kill 109,440 Flood Damage Reduction Sussex, Warren FS WP (17mg)
Pine Mount-Mill Creek 6,500 Flood Damage Reduction Cumberland FS WP (27mb)
Repaupo Creek 13,000 Flood Damage reduction Gloucester FS WP (17mb)
Silver Lake-Locust Island 5,590 Flood Damage Reduction, Agricultural Drainage, Mosquito Control Salem FS

WP (part 1 - 17mb)

WP (part 2 - 9mb)

WP (part 3 - 7mb)

Stony Brook 30,604 Sediment Reduction Hunterdon, Mercer FS WP (18mb)
Town Bank 2,400 Flood Damage Reduction Salem FS WP (5mb)
Tributaries of Maurice River Cove 6,900 Flood Damage Reduction Cumberland FS  
Upper Salem River 64,000 Water Quality Salem FS  


Contact: David Lamm, State Conservation Engineer, 732-537-6071