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Water Management Guide

NRCS New Jersey Water Management Guide

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The individual chapters, contents, cover and chapter dividers can be downloaded (dial-up and slow connections) or the entire 165 page Water Management Guide (7.6 mb) can be downloaded if you have a fast internet connection.

Chapter 1 General (18 kb)
            a) Introduction
            b) Types of drainage systems
            c) Investigations and planning

Chapter 2 Surface Drainage (688 kb)
            a) General
            b) Types of channels
            c) Types of open drain systems
            d) Land forming
            e) Drainage channel design
            f) Channel vegetation and maintenance

Chapter 3 Subsurface Drainage (3.2 mb)
            a) General
            b) Types of systems
            c) Subsurface drainage design
            d) Drain envelope
            e) Appurtenances
            f) Installation
            g) Safety
            h) Maintenance

Chapter 4 Interception Drainage (718 kb)
            a) Ground water movement
            b) Location of interceptor
            c) Use of surface or subsurface drains
            d) Size of drains

Chapter 5 Water Table Management (389 kb)
            a) General
            b) Water table management

Chapter 6 Pump Drainage (158 kb)
            a) General
            b) Surface drainage pumping conditions
            c) Subsurface drainage pumping conditions
            d) Relationship of pumping plant to drainage system
            e) Economic justification of pumping plant
            f) Pumping from subsurface aquifers
            g) Basic information required for plant design
            h) Maintenance

Glossary (44 kb)

References (36 kb)

Appendix A Drainage Runoff Curves (543 kb)

Appendix B Drainage Recommendations (by soil type) (16 kb)
            Soils listed in the guide
            Headings and Abbreviations
           Recommendations by Soil Type  (218 kb)

Appendix C Drainage for Agricultural Structures (109 kb)
            a) Introduction
            b) Site selection
            c) Surface drainage
            d) Subsurface drainage
            e) Grading
            f) Roof runoff
            g) Dewatering
            h) Maintenance

Appendix D Restoration of Drained Areas (46 kb)
            a) Introduction
            b) Goals and objectives
            c) Site evaluation
            d) Drainage alteration measures
            e) Maintenance

Appendix E
            Tools and Worksheets (to be added and customized by the user)

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New Jersey NRCS Water Management Guide  (7.6 mb) 

Warning: This is a very large document. Download the chapters individually above if you have a slow internet connection. The contents, cover and chapter dividers are also available individually.

Other references and links

This document requires Adobe Acrobat.

New Jersey 24 Hour Rainfall data (72kb)  September 2004