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Publications Available

Publications Available

  • Urban Soil Primer - An introduction to urban soils for homeowners and renters, local planning boards, property managers, students, and educators.
  • Understanding Soil Risks and Hazards - This publication introduces several soil related risks and hazards that are important to city and county planners, developers, construction contractors, and others who use or build facilities on or in soils.

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"From The Surface Down" (1.4 MB)  Learn what soil is and how soils form. Explains how to use soil survey data as a planning tool to ensure the best use and management of land.

USDA Develops Field Data Recorder Software for Describing Soils
Optimizing PDAs for Field Collection - report from Alan Price, Soil Scientist, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Fort Collins, Colorado

Web Soil Survey in the news! - Winter 2006, see pages 6 and 7