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Activity Addendum - Conservation Stewardship Program

 Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) in New Jersey 

New Jersey Supplemental Enhancement Activity Job Sheets

Each New Jersey Addendum can be downloaded as a PDF file below. Documents on this page require Adobe Acrobat.

Air Quality Enhancements

WQL21 - Integrated Pest Management for Organic Farming (50 kb)

Animal Enhancements

ANM02 - Defer Crop Production on Temporary and Seasonal Wetlands (54 kb)
ANM08 - Improve the plant diversity and structure of non-cropped areas for wildlife food and habitat (53 kb)
ANM09 - Grazing Management to Improve Wildlife Habitat (108 kb)
ANM11 - Batch-burning to enhance wildlife habitat (53 kb)
ANM13 - Non-forested Riparian Zone Enhancement for Fish and Wildlife (88 kb)
ANM14- Riparian Forest Buffer, Terrestrial and Aquatic Wildlife Habitat (62 kb)
ANM15 - Forest Stand Improvement for Habitat and Soil Quality (94 kb)
ANM19 - Wildlife Corridors (79 kb)
WQL18 - Non-Chemical Livestock Pest Control (30 kb)

Plant Enhancements

ANM03 - Incorporate Native Grasses and/or Legumes into 15% or more of the forage base (61 kb)
PLT06 - Renovation of a Windbreak, Shelter Belt or Hedgerow for Wildlife Habitat (477 kb)
PLT08 - Habitat Development for Beneficial Insects for Pest Management (33 kb)
PLT10 - Intensive Management of Rotational Grazing Enhancement (32 kb)
SOE03 - Continuous No Till (Organic System) (28 kb)

Soil Erosion Enhancement

SOE01 - Continuous No Till with High Residue (28 kb) 

Soil Quality

CCR99 - Resource Conserving Crop Rotation (26 kb)
SQL02 - Continuous Cover Crops (95 kb)
SQL04 - Use of Cover Crop Mixes (34 kb)
SQL05 - Use of Deep Rooted Crops to Break up Soil Compaction (31 kb)

Water Quality

WQL04 - Plant Tissue Testing and Analysis to Improve Nitrogen Management (35 kb)
WQL06 - Apply Controlled Release Nitrogen Fertilizer (34 kb)
WQL08 - Apply Split Applications of Nitrogen Based on a Pre-Sidedress Nitrogen Test on Cropland (35 kb)
WQL10 - Plant a cover crop that will scavenge residual nitrogen (87 kb)
WQL13 - High Level Integrated Pest Management to Reduce Pesticide Environmental Risk (33 kb)
WQL20 - Transition to Organic Cropping Systems (43 kb)
WQL21 - Integrated Pest Management for Organic Farming (50 kb)

Water Quality and Wildlife Enhancement Activity

ANM04 - Extend Existing Filter Strips for Water Quality Protection and Wildlife Habitat (73 kb)
ANM05 - Extending Riparian Forest Buffers for Water Quality Protection and Wildlife Habitat (76 kb)
ANM06 - Extending Existing Riparian Herbaceous Cover for Water Quality Protection and Wildlife Habitat (73 kb)

More Information

For more information and updates about the Farm Bill, visit the USDA farm bill page or the national NRCS Web site.

Contact your local NRCS Service Center for more information or to sign up for the Conservation Security Program.