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Developed in Cooperation with Rutgers Cooperative Extension and USDA- Natural Resources Conservation Service

An Environmental Risk Assessment Guide For The Home.

Home*A*Syst is a confidential, self-assessment program you can use to evaluate your home and property for pollution and health risks. This material is separated here into chapters and sections in Adobe Acrobat format. Please print any and all sections as needed.

Available Fact Sheets

These documents require Adobe Acrobat

  1. Introduction (235kb) - What is Home*A*Syst
  2. Site Assessment (673kb) - Protecting Water Quality around your home
  3. Energy (301kb) - Home Heating and Cooling Systems
  4. Liquid Fuels (274kb) - Safe Management of Gasoline, Heating Oil, Diesel & other Fuels
  5. Improving Household Wastewater Treatment (177kb)
  6. Household Hazardous Waste (366kb) - Managing Hazardous Household Products
  7. Household Trash (318kb) - Waste Prevention, Reuse, Recycling and Composting
  8. Indoor Air Quality (316kb)
  9. Lead in and around the home (289kb)
  10. Stormwater Management (334kb)
  11. Household Wastewater (374kb) - Septic Systems
  12. Drinking Water Well Management (310kb)
  13. Yard and Garden Care (355kb)

Program Evaluation Form (47kb) - Evaluation form for the above fact sheets.
Short Version (1.2mb) - Abbreviated but complete set of the above fact sheets

For more information contact Fred Kelly 732-537-6053.

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