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Wildlife Study Guide Links

The following are links to websites that contain materials to assist students and teachers in preparing for the Wildlife Section of the NJ Envirothon. Most of the written test questions will be prepared using materials from these websites. However, the hands-on test questions may encompass more broad-ranging material.

Note: Most of these materials are specific to NJ Wildlife. The winning team from NJ competes at the National Envirothon. Materials for the National Envirothon will use materials from around the USA and Canada.

Some documents below require Adobe Acrobat reader.

The links below contain information pertinent to the 2014 wildlife test:

The wildlife test could include questions on any wildlife species present in New Jersey, however, students should concentrate on the species listed below, including their habitat requirements, management, identification, natural history, etc.


Species to concentrate on are listed below.


Bird Calls:

For the 2014 test, you should be familiar with the calls of the birds listed above. Bird calls can be found on various CD’s, such as “Peterson’s Field Guide to Bird Calls” (contained in the Envirothon Training Trunks) and the Online Bird Guide from Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Checklist of Birds in NJ




Reptiles and Amphibians

Online Field Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians of New Jersey, NJDEP

Snakes of New Jersey Overview pdf

Use the above referenced online guide to focus on the following species:

  • Bog Turtle   

  • Wood Turtle

  • American Toad (including call)

  • Green Frog (including call)

  • Carpenter Frog (including call)

  • Wood Frog  (including call)

  • Timber Rattlesnake

  • Northern Pine Snake

  • Northern Water Snake


Additional Link


For more information contact your local Soil Conservation District Office or Richard Belcher, NJ Envirothon Coordinator Phone: (609) - 292-5540,  Fax: (609) - 633-7229.

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This page last updated January 30, 2014