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Outreach & Advocacy

Outreach - our way of doing business!Outreach is part of NRCS' daily business. We work to ensure that programs and services are made accessible to all customers, while placing special emphasis on those who may be underserved. Historically, underserved audiences have included minorities, tribes, women, the disabled, new farmers, limited resource farmers and small-scale farmers. Underserved audiences can also include other groups of customers, such as new immigrant or refugee farmers or organic producers.

To receive information, news and updates on NRCS programs and services, contact our Outreach Coordinator.

Outreach is a way to ensure that underserved individuals and groups throughout New Jersey and the United States are made aware of, understand and have a working knowledge of USDA programs and services. Outreach ensures that our programs and services are equitable and made accessible to all.

Outreach involves understanding underserved customers and their needs, learning how best to communicate with various groups, earning the trust and acceptance of underserved customers, and developing partnerships and working relationships with underserved customers and their community organizations.

Outreach Subcommittee

The Outreach Subcommittee of the New Jersey State Technical Committee was established to ensure that NRCS programs and services are made accessible to all customers, fairly and equitably. The subcommittee works to reach traditionally underserved and socially disadvantaged farmers through partnerships to promote their trust and full participation in conservation programs.

Conservation Partnership Outreach Calendar - The Outreach Subcommittee created an online shared calendar to note events and meetings that provide opportunities to promote conservation activities and programs. To request access to the calendar, contact the New Jersey Outreach Coordinator.

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NRCS is an equal opportunity provider and employer!

Outreach Coordinator: Barbara Phillips (732) 537-6044