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Technical Standards and Specifications

NH NRCS Technical Standards and Specifications

The Field Office Technical Guide (FOTG) is used as our guiding technical document.  Section IV of the FOTG is practice standards and specifications, or the specific requirements for designing, installing, and maintaining conservation practices such as diversions, buffers, waterways, filter strips, and many many more.  These standards and specifications, as well as the entire FOTG are now available on-line.

When you visit e-FOTG, you will see and introductory page that explains what is in each "section" and a clickable map for different states.  Although FOTG has a large collection of standards and specifications for national use, often times local conditions require that state specialists modify the standards to better reflect local conditions and limitations. Click on the State of New Hampshire to find our standards and specifications. 

Once inside the New Hampshire window of the e- FOTG, use the Search function or the tabs/tree (depending on which you set in your preferences) on the top/left to find the standards for the desired conservation practice(s).

If you have trouble finding something in the e- FOTG, please call your local NRCS office or Kim McCracken at (603) 868-7581.