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Technical Service Providers

NH Technical Service Providers Quick Guide

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Who's Responsible?

Participant Responsibilities if TSP is Chosen:
� Request the use of a TSP to have program contract modified by NRCS to include the costs and services to be completed by TSP.

� Select, hire and pay the TSP. Develop a contract or agreement with TSP to establish services to be provided, costs, payment schedule, etc.

� You are responsible for meeting compliance and regulatory responsibilities, obtaining necessary records, and ensuring payment provisions are included in the conservation program contract or agreement.

� Complete the CCC-36 Assignment of Payment and return to the NRCS Office if you want the TSP payment to go directly to the TSP.
TSP Responsibilities:
� Must be certified.

� Must develop and furnish the participant with technical documentation for the technical services provided.

� Complete invoice for technical services provided to the participant.

� Submit a Performance Reporting System data entry worksheet to the local District Conservationist.

� Meet applicable NRCS standards, specifications, and program requirements.

� Complete Warranty of Technical Service Provided form.
  NRCS Responsibilities:

� Participant must receive necessary technical assistance from NRCS or through assistance from a TSP.

� NRCS reimburses participants or makes direct payments to TSPs upon receipt of an Assignment of Payment (CCC-36) from participant in accordance with policy specific to the conservation program.

� NRCS provides cultural resources reviews.

� NRCS makes technology and tools available for use by TSPs.

� NRCS appeals and mediation policy is used to resolve disputes regarding technical services acquired from TSPs.

� NRCS reporting mechanisms and NRCS policy and procedures are used regarding technical assistance waste, fraud, and abuse.

Step-by-Step Process for Participants

Step 1 Participant requests TSP assistance. NRCS modifies contract to include TSP services and Not-To-Exceed payment rates. Participant signs contract modification for TSP services.
Step 2 Participants selects a certified/approved TSP from the TechReg website at, hires the TSP, and develops a contract or agreement with the TSP on services to be provided, payments and schedule of completion.
Step 3 OPTIONAL: The participant completes the authorization form to release case file information to the selected TSP.
Step 4 Participant works with TSP to complete contracted services.
Step 5 TSP provides the participant and NRCS with all the required documentation for services provided as listed in the Statements of Work (available on the NH eFOTG site), an invoice, and the form for Warranty of Technical Services Provided. TSP certifies completion of work on form CCC-1245.
Step 6 Participant submits required documentation, the signed CCC-1245 and the invoice to NRCS for payment.
OPTIONAL: Participant can sign an Assignment of Payment to have the TSP payment go directly to the TSP.
Step 7 NRCS reviews the documentation and, if complete, processes and makes payment.

Contact Information

Priscilla Johnston, TSP Coordinator
(603) 868-9931 ext. 102