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Environmental Quality Incentives Program

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The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) is a voluntary conservation program supporting agriculture, forestry, and environmental quality as compatible goals.  Through EQIP, farmers and foresters may receive financial and technical help with conservation practices on agricultural land.  EQIP in New Hampshire offers financial assistance for estimated costs incurred for conservation practices.  Payments may also be made to encourage a farmer to adopt land management practices, such as nutrient management, manure management, integrated pest management, or wildlife habitat management.  Farm and forestry activities in New Hampshire are good for our state, our health, and our economy.  When properly planned and managed, they are also good for our natural resources.


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Starting a practice prior to written contract approval will result in the ineligibility of that practice
for EQIP assistance unless a waiver has been approved (see 440-CPM, Part 512, Subpart E).

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