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Agriculture Management Assistance

The Agricultural Management Assistance (AMA) helps agricultural producers manage financial risk through diversification, marketing or natural resource conservation practices. NRCS administers the conservation provisions while Agricultural Marketing Service and Risk Management Agency implement the production diversification and marketing provisions.

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Program Overview:

Find out more about the AMA program on the overview page here.

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Program Eligibility:

Learn more about the AMA program eligibility requirements on the eligibility page here.

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Ranking Tools:

Learn more about AMA program ranking by
viewing ranking tools.

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How To Apply:

Learn more about how to apply for AMA programs
on this page here.

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Practices and Payment:

Learn more about AMA program practices and payment rates
on this page here.

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Conservation Priorities:

Learn more about National and State Conservation Priorities
by viewing this page here.

Please Note: Starting a practice prior to written contract approval will result in the ineligibility of that practice for AMA assistance unless a waiver has been approved (see 440-CPM, Part 512, Subpart E).

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