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RCPP The Nature Conservancy

The partnership with The Nature Conservancy will use up to $500,000 in RCPP funding to address two fundamental and closely related natural resource concerns in coastal New Hampshire: the loss/conversion of undeveloped farmland, and degradation of water quality in coastal rivers and estuaries.  The New Hampshire Coastal Watershed Regional Conservation Partnership Program will coordinate the development and implementation of a comprehensive program with a key focus on: (1) protection of significant farmland; (2) promotion and implementation of farm management conservation practices to address water quality, soil health, and wildlife habitat resource needs; and, (3) in-water restoration to improve water quality and estuary habitat.

The RCPP-EQIP 2016 batching dates are: 3/18/16, 4/15/16, 5/20/16, and June 17, 2016

The RCPP ALE 2016 batching date is 3/18/16 only.

RCPP EQIP Ranking Coastal

RCPP Coastal Practice Cost List

RCPP EQIP Coastal Prescreening

RCPP ALE Ranking Sheet