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Core Partnership

New Hampshire Core Conservation Partnership

The New Hampshire Core Conservation Partnership serves to encourage, coordinate and facilitate Conservation Partnership relations and activities in the state. Partners include:

This partnership represents a unique example of cooperation to advance natural resource conservation throughout the United States. The four members of this conservation partnership operate on a variety of issues and levels and are an example of a true Federal/national, State, local and private partnership regarding policy and operations issues involving conservation programs impacts that are critical and invaluable to the Nation.

The members also share certain principles in common, including conserving, developing, and using America's natural resources for the benefit of its citizens. Each of the partners brings a certain set of resources, authorities, and skills that are important to achieving these shared conservation principles and goals.

The entities involved have legal status at either national, State, and/or local governmental level or private sector status to carry out conservation objectives. For example, there are existing written agreements to specify the relationships between governors and the Secretary of Agriculture and between NRCS and individual conservation districts as elements of this partnership. While the partnership has evolved over the seventy year history of this movement in the US, a formalization of this partnership relationship was set up about 15 years ago.

Some examples of common goals include training, outreach and diversity, expanding the partnership, strategic planning, and annual review.