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News Release

Application Deadlines Announced for NRCS AMA Program and EQIP (New England Cottontail Initiative and EQIP National Water Quality Initiative only) in New Hampshire

The USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) in New Hampshire has announced application evaluation cut-off dates of June 15, 2018 and July 20, 2018 for the Agricultural Management Assistance Program (AMA) and the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (for New England Cottontail and National Water Quality Initiatives only).

New Hampshire NRCS will invest $59,900 in the Agricultural Management Assistance program in 2018. The NH AMA program provides technical and financial assistance to agricultural producers for reducing risk on cropland by minimizing impacts due to drought when installing conservation practices such as irrigation pipeline, irrigation water management, and cover crops. 

New Hampshire NRCS has $50,000 in financial assistance allocated for the EQIP New England Cottontail Initiative in 2018. The NEC initiative accelerates restoration of critical habitats with a primary objective of supporting the recovery of the New England Cottontail in its historic range. Since the New England Cottontail is considered at risk, NRCS is participating with other federal and state agencies to develop local conservation plans on private lands that will sustain critical NEC habitat. Conservation practices may include early successional habitat development, brush management and timber stand improvement.

NEC focus areas are:

New England Cottontail Range

The National Water Quality Initiative

New Hampshire NRCS will also invest $200,000 in targeted assistance through the EQIP National Water Quality Initiative to help farmers improve water quality in high-priority watersheds (see below map).  Conservation practices may include cover crops, forage and biomass plantings, and barnyard practices such as waste storage facilities.  If your farm is located within the focus area and you would like to address water quality resource concerns on your farm, please contact Tom Ebert in the Orford Field Office at the number below.

NWQI Map NH 2017

If you are interested in any of these programs contact your local USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) field office to begin the conservation planning process.

Once an NRCS Conservation Plan is developed and you are interested in competing for financial assistance to implement practices in your Conservation Plan, submit a complete application for the program that best suits your conservation needs. All applications determined to be eligible by 4:30 p.m. on June 15, 2018 or July 20, 2018 will be considered for funding until funds are exhausted. If you miss the evaluation cut-off date, your application will be deferred to the next cut-off date. 

NRCS has offices in Concord, Conway, Epping, Lancaster, Milford, Orford, and Walpole, which work with local conservation districts and other partners to serve farmers and landowners throughout the state.  Office telephone numbers are:

Concord: 603-223-6028
Conway: 603-901-3005 
Epping: 603-734-9167
Lancaster: 603-788-4651
Milford: 603-732-9196 
Orford: 603-353-4651
Walpole: 603-756-2988

Contact your local office for more information. General program information is available on the NRCS New Hampshire website at