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2008 Civil Rights

2008 Civil Rights Advisory Committee

                                                                                                                             January 25, 2008


SUBJECT:  EEO � 2008 Civil Rights Advisory Committee (CRAC) Membership

To:  All NRCS Employees

Purpose:  To announce the membership of the 2008 Civil Rights Advisory Committee.

Expiration Date:  September 30, 2008

We are pleased to inform employees of the membership of New Hampshire�s Civil Rights Advisory Committee for 2008 as follows:

Special Emphasis Program Managers:

            Asian American/Pacific Islander                          Daniel Wright                      223-6029

            Black Emphasis                                                 Dean Bascom                      747-2001, X106

            Disabilities/Veterans Emphasis                           Thomas Ebert                      747-2001, X107

            Federal Women�s                                               Debra Eddison                     447-2771, X101

                                                                                   Kimberly McCabe                 679-1587, X109

            Hispanic Emphasis                                             Susan Hoey                         223-0083

            Native American/Alaskan Native Emphasis           Nels Liljadahl                       447-2771, X102

                                                                                    James Spielman                  868-9931, X115

Civil Rights Advisory Council Members:

            State Conservationist                                         George Cleek                      868-7581, X125

            Human Resources Specialist                                Patricia Clarke                     868-7581, X127

            Field Office Representative                                  Katherine Swain                   223-6025

            State Office Representative                                 Kimberly McCracken             868-7581, X123

            Outreach Coordinator                                         Richard DeMark                    527-2093

            Special Emphasis Program Managers                   Listed Above


The agency�s ability to carry out its mission is dependent upon a strong commitment to Civil Rights and we are grateful to the 2008 Committee for their willingness to serve New Hampshire.


GEORGE W. CLEEK, IV                                                SUSAN J. HOEY

State Conservationist                                                     Civil Rights Committee Chair


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