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Backyard Conservation

Backyard Conservation

Just as they do on the farm, conservation practices in your backyard can provide food and shelter for wildlife, reduce erosion and pollution, conserve water and improve water quality, inspire a stewardship ethic, and beautify the landscape.

Bring Conservation to Your
      Backyard! Bring Conservation to Your Backyard!

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) provides information to homeowners to help them join in the conservation tradition of America's farmers.

What can you do?

Download the Backyard Conservation starter book to get started. This document requires Adobe Acrobat.

Backyard Conservation Booklet

Backyard Conservation Booklet (2.1 MB)

Other documents available for download to help you with Backyard Conservation. These documents require Adobe Acrobat.

Ponds, Wetlands, and Water

Backyard Ponds (525 KB)
Water Conservation (261 KB)
Backyard Wetland (330 KB)
Ponds: Planning, Design, and Construction (3.2 MB, 100 pages )

Native Ecosystem Restoration

Restoring New Hampshire's Pine Barrens ( 196 KB)
Restoring New Hampshire's Salt Marshes (200 KB)
Restoring New Hampshire's Beaver Flowages (487 KB)

Around the House and Garden

Landscaping with Native Plants (190 KB)
Composting (475 KB)
Mulching (530 KB)
Wildlife Habitat (381 KB)
Tree Planting (492 KB)
Nutrient Management (355 KB)
Terracing (387 KB)
Pest Management (332 KB)