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2013 NH Conservation Innovation Grant Recipients

New Hampshire NRCS has awarded five Conservation Innovation Grants designed to help inspire and support innovative approaches to conservation and agriculture:

Monadnock Conservancy:  Will analyze the success of different planting densities, 8'x8' vs. 20'x20', as they relate to maximizing chestnut growth and survival and its ability to compete with other regenerating species, particularly American beech.  Will develop and host a workshop at the site to inform the public about the project background and results.

Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success:  Will install rainwater catchment systems with a solar-powered pump on five high tunnels, record the information, including observations of success and needed improvement, and train refugee farmers on installation and use along with providing training on farm nutrient cycling and composting technology. 

University of New Hampshire Department of Agriculture and Life Sciences:  Will conduct on-farm evaluations of two alternative forage cropping systems, alongside current corn silage systems, with the focus on measuring dry matter yield, feed quality, time/labor/equipment requirements, and long-term reliability to determine which system may be most appropriate for balancing forage needs and soil conservation.  Published results and demonstrations will be made available to the public. 

University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension:  will create an innovative energy efficient greenhouse heating and cooling system to test and demonstrate the feasibility of heat pump technology and thermal storage to heat and cool greenhouses and its effect on crop quality. 

Granite State Graziers:  Will publish information and demonstrate the combined use of several no-till practices that will improve soil health by reducing compaction to increase the use of alternative and drought-resistant plants, and will improve access to no-till equipment.