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CNMP - Engineering

Nebraska CNMP Engineering Resources

These documents may require Acrobat Reader.

Design Calculations (includes manure volume and runoff volume calculations used to size components)


  • Precipitation/Runoff Data (form NE-ENG-81)

    •  Full Year

    •  180 Days



  • Manure and Runoff Production Volumes

    •  National Engineering Handbook Part 651 – Animal Waste Management Field Handbook Chapter 4

    •  Engineering 82 with UNL values BEEF (include manure volumes)

    •  Engineering 82 with UNL values SWINE (include manure volumes)

    •  Engineering 82 with UNL values DAIRY (include manure volumes)

    • Animal Waste Forms Spreadsheets for Holding Pond & Sediment Basin Design

      •  Holding Pond Form (Version 3)

      •  Example Holding Pond Form (Version 3)

    • Hydrology Calculations

    • Hydraulics Calculations

    • Underground Outlet Design Calculations

    • Concrete Design Calculations

    • Construction Quality Assurance Plan (including liner post-testing requirements)

    • Liner Plan

    • Soil Mechanics (Pre-Construction Testing)

    • Monitoring wells (NDEQ may require these depending on the site, NRCS does not provide technical assistance on installation)

    Other Nebraska CNMP Resources:


        Last Updated 09/20/2010