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Picture showing the way the survey used his instruments and tools, and how he uses his instruments and tools todayNebraska Engineering

Vision:  Excellence in Conservation, by Design

Mission:  Leading innovative engineering solutions to natural resource conservation

The Nebraska Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Engineering staff is comprised of agricultural, hydraulic and civil engineers, geologists, engineering technicians, cartographer and administrative staff that provides innovative, economical, and timely services to NRCS field staff, conservation partners and private landowners. We provide planning, design, and construction services to solve problems related to soil erosion, water quality, agricultural waste management, wetland restoration and other conservation issues. We invite you to view our Nebraska NRCS Engineering Web Page to locate the tools and information to solve your conservation engineering issues.

Many of the documents may require Adobe Acrobat or another PDF reader. Many of the spreadsheets may require Microsoft Excel and may have macros enabled. USDA-NRCS does not specifically endorse any software packages.

Nebraska NRCS Engineering Resources    


Engineering Software

Engineering Tools

Ephemeral Gully Modeling Tools

Nebraska Training Videos and Webinars

Auto CAD Resources

Engineering Project Video and Photo Gallery

National NRCS Engineering Resources


Allen Gehring
State Conservation Engineer
Phone: (402) 437-4037