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EQIP Conservation Activity Plans (CAPs)

The Food Conservation and Energy Act of 2008 (Farm Bill) provides authority to NRCS to use EQIP financial assistance for practice payments, which includes support for development of Conservation Activity Plans (CAPs).  During FY2011, the agency allows the use of 16 CAPs to support priorities of the Department and NRCS.  All 16 CAPs are available for use by States through EQIP during FY2011; however, several CAPs are required to be offered in specific States.

For FY 2011, Nebraska NRCS Offers the Following CAPs

102 - Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP), Written

104 - Nutrient Management Plan - Written

110 - Grazing Management Plan - Written

118 - Irrigation Water Management Plan – Written

134 – Conservation Plan Supporting Transition from Irrigation to Dryland Farming Plan – Written

138 - Conservation Plan Supporting Organic Transition - Written)

See Nebraska eFOTG, Section III for each CAP Technical Criteria.  Click here to read more about CAPs.


CAPs Certification Requirements

The following supporting document shall be used for TSPs wanting to certify as providers in developing CAPs.  Each CAP certification criteria has generic requirements that are standard for each CAP (i.e. TSP Orientation; NRCS Conservation Planning Course – Part 1 (Modules 1-5); knowledge, skill & understanding in utilizing NRCS Field Office Technical Guide, etc.) need to be met to become certified for CAP development.  Each CAP criteria also has specific requirements that need to be satisfied by TSPs for certification (sample plans, state certifications/licensing, education, etc.).

TSP Certification Requirements for CAPs

102 - Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP)

104 - Nutrient Management Plans

110 - Grazing Management Plans

118 - Irrigation Water Management (IWMP)

134 - Transition from Irrigation to Dryland Plan

138 - Conservation Plan Supporting Organic Transition (CPSOT)

 See Nebraska Practice Payment Schedule – EQIP CAPs (Effective 12/23/2010, version 01/12/2011) for past CAPs payment schedule.

Last Modified 04/22/2011