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National Water Quality Initiative in Nebraska

Through the National Water Quality Initiative, the Natural Resources Conservation Service will work with farmers and ranchers in small watersheds to improve water quality where this is a critical concern.

NRCS will provide financial assistance to help farmers and ranchers implement conservation systems to reduce nitrogen, phosphorous, sediment and pathogen contributions from agricultural land. Eligible producers will receive assistance under the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) for installing conservation systems that may include practices such as nutrient management, cover crops, conservation cropping systems, filter strips, terraces, and in some cases, edge-of-field water quality monitoring.

Watersheds Eligible for the National Water Quality Initiative in Nebraska for 2019:

In Nebraska, NRCS worked closely with partners, including the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality and the Natural Resources Districts, to select eligible priority watersheds. These partners assisted in selecting watersheds where on-farm conservation investments will deliver the greatest water quality improvement benefits. The watersheds selected in Nebraska eligible for the National Water Quality Initiative funding are Bazile Creek, Wahoo Creek, Turkey Creek and Big Sandy. Click here for a map of where the Wahoo and Bazile Creek watersheds are located.

Click on the watershed name below to see a detailed map of the watershed eligibility area:

How to Apply

To get started, make an appointment at your local office.

You will need to establish eligibility and farm records for your land. NRCS will help you complete an application while explaining which conservation practices are available in your watershed. Remember to check with your local NRCS office to see if you are located in a selected watershed (see maps above).

Click here for news release about the Bazile Creek 2019 sign up

Click here for the news release about the Big Sandy 2019 sign up.

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