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Papio-Missouri River NRD

Image of Papio-Missouri NRD coverage area

Office Information

Name Address Phone Numbers
Neil Jensen
District Conservationist
8901 South 154th, Suite 4
Omaha, NE 68138-3621
Phone: (402) 896-0121 ext. 3
Fax: (402) 891-0429


  • Resource Needs and Concerns
  • Priorities Addressed by NRCS
  • Primary Programs and Services
  • Papio-Missouri River NRD website

    Neil serves as liaison to the Papio-Missouri River NRD and other local agencies.

    Neil leads the NRCS Natural Resources Conservation team that addresses the resource needs in the six northern counties along the Missouri River bluffs. Those counties include:

    • Dakota
    • Thurston
    • Burt
    • Washington
    • Douglas
    • Sarpy

    The team includes Resource Conservationists, Soil Conservation Technicians, Civil Engineering Technicians, a Civil Engineer, NRD Field Representatives, and NRD District Secretaries.

    The Papio-Missouri NRD's team mission is "To provide leadership, technology, and education to preserve our natural resources for all generations."

    Priorities Addressed by NRCS

    The NRCS' priorities in the Papio-Missouri River NRD are most often closely related to soil and water resource management issues. High priority issues include:

    • Soil erosion (water) on cropland in the steep loess hills
    • Water quality issues related to our streams and lakes
    • Resource conservation in state and locally identified priority watersheds that are impaired
    • Enhancement of the quantity and quality of wildlife habitat
    • Urban resource conservation issues including erosion and sediment control, and storm water management
    • Improvement of, and better utilization of, the grassland resources
    • Re-establishment and improvement of the forest resource

    The NRCS, in partnership with the NRD and many other agencies, is the primary source for technical expertise and assistance required to address the resource needs and priorities identified by the locally led conservation effort.