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Lower Elkhorn NRD


   Image of Lower Elkhorn NRD coverage area


Office Information

Name Address Phone Numbers
Robin Sutherland
District Conservationist
715 11th Street
P.O.Box 167
Stanton, NE 68779-0167
Phone: (402) 439-2213 ext. 3
Fax: (402) 439-5080


  • District Conservationist Biographical Sketch
  • Resource Needs and Concerns
  • Priorities Addressed by NRCS
  • Primary Programs and Services
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    District Conservationist Biographical Sketch

    Photo of Lower Elkhorn District Cornservationist, Robin Sutherland

    Robin Sutherland
    District Conservationist
    Lower Elkhorn NRD


    Resource Needs and Concerns

    The primary resource concerns as identified by the Lower Elkhorn NRD and local work group are:

    Priorities Address by NRCS

    Excessive Soil Erosion and Surface and Ground Water Protection and Management are currently some of the primary priorities identified by the local entities. The NRCS in the LENRD can directly contribute to the protection and enhancement of the identified resources. By using a variety of federal, state, and local programs, cost-share incentives can be obtained and planning/application assistance can be provided.

    Primary Programs and Services

    CRP, NSWCP, NRD, EQIP, WRP, WHIP, Pheasants Forever, and Nebraska Games and Parks are the major suppliers of cost-share funding for conservation programs in the area. Technical assistance for planning and program implementation is provided by NRCS with assistance from our partners, the LENRD, NG&P, NFS, USF&WS, and the COE.  

    • 1983-1987 - Attended Hastings College and Wayne State College majoring in Elementary Education/Physical Education.
    • 1995 - Graduate of Central Community College at Columbus with an Associate Degree in Agriculture.
      I began my career with NRCS (SCS) in August of 1987 as a Soil Conservation Aide at the Neligh Field Office. In 1989, I transferred to the West Point FO as a full time Soil Conservation Technician. During this time I began taking night classes at Central Community College in Columbus. In 1994, I accepted the Soil Conservationist position in the Ponca FO and in 1996, I was promoted to the Resource Conservationist for this office. In 1998, I accepted the Resource Conservationist position at the Wayne FO, then in 2000 transferred to the Stanton FO as the Resource Conservationist. In October of 2002 I began the duties of the District Conservationist at the Stanton FO for the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resource District.
  • Conserve Soil
  • Flood Control and Prevention
  • Storm water Drainage Improvement
  • Conserve Groundwater Quantity and Quality
  • Develop and Manage Surface Water
  • Establish and Preserve Fish and Wildlife Habitat
  • Provide Recreation
  • Promote the Planting and Conservation of Trees