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Lower Big Blue NRD

Image of Lower Big Blue coverage area

Office Information

Name Address Phone Numbers
Kelli Evans
District Conservationist
2920 East Court Street
Beatrice, NE 68310
Phone:  (402) 223-3125 ext. 3
Fax:  (402) 223-4585

Resource Needs and Concerns

The Lower Big Blue Natural Resources District is located in southeast Nebraska and consists of 1,054,000 acres in Gage, Saline, Jefferson, and Pawnee County.  The majority of the district, 75% or 770,000 acres consists of cropland.  There is 170,000 acres of pivot and furrow irrigation.  The irrigation in the area is limited by the lack of adequate groundwater.

The area is highly dissected with the predominate soil type being silty clay loam on slopes ranging from 1% to 10%.  The low permeability of the soil, topography, and high-intensity rainfall, are major contributors to excessive sheet, rill, ephemeral, and gully erosion, if conservation practices are not present.  Lowland areas are also subject to excessive flooding.

 The following are the resource concerns identified by the Lower Big Blue NRD.

  • Soil erosion on cropland
  • Flood control and prevention
  • Surface Water Quality - nutrient and pesticide
  • Groundwater quality
  • Irrigation Efficiency
  • Grazing land - health and productivity
  • Development and management of recreation facilities
  • Quantity and quality of wildlife habitat
  • Animal Waste Management

Primary Programs and Services

A variety of programs are available to help land users with their resource concerns, in the district, they include:

Please contact your local NRCS office for more information on specific programs or services that may be of interest to you.