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Our Purpose - Volunteers

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Meet Nebraska's Featured NRCS Earth Team Volunteers.
Citizens across Nebraska share a purpose and passion about conservation.  Meet them here, and learn why they chose to volunteer with NRCS.

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Earth Team volunteer

Student Volunteer Earns Admiration of NRCS Staff
"His overall enthusiasm and positive attitude came through on a daily basis. He told me I have a pretty awesome job and get to see a lot of cool stuff. That made me feel good about what we do as an agency," said NRCS Soil Conservationist John Ludwig

Kraig's story

Ryan Flohr

Sidney NRCS Field Office Honors Their Volunteer

The Natural Resources Conservation Service office in Sidney, Neb., took time to honor their very special volunteer during National Volunteer Month in April. Ryan Flohr is a School-to-Work student from Leyton High School. Ryan has Down’s Syndrome, and part of his development is to go to work every afternoon. He volunteers for NRCS three afternoons a week.

Ryan's story

Curtis Scheele and volunteer

Volunteers Provide Valuable Irrigation-Season Assistance

hree students from the University of Nebraska-Kearney – Josh Johnson, Jason Garris and Dave Zorn - were recruited by the Tri-Basin Natural Resources District (NRD) to assist with irrigation projects. These projects were used to educate farmers about crop water use and water conservation in an area with water restrictions due to water shortages.

Irrigation story

Chadron office volunteers

Volunteers Help Chadron Field Office Clean Up and Clear Out

The Chadron field office enlisted the help of six volunteers to help the office clean up and get organized. These volunteers were recruited through the local RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program). Most of the volunteers had worked with NRCS before. The volunteers assisted with cleaning out outdated manuals, and cleaning up the office bookshelves. The volunteers dismantled over 30 manuals.

Chadron's story

Arlis Plummer

NRCS Employee Shines as Science Bowl Volunteer Coordinator

Arlis Plummer, hydraulic engineer at the Nebraska NRCS state office in Lincoln, Neb., has been a dedicated volunteer for the Nebraska Science Bowl competitions for 14 years – since the very beginning of the competition. She has served as the lead volunteer recruiter for the event. You could say that she has gotten this duty down to a “science”!

Arlis' story

Jennifer Salak

Volunteer Gains Valuable "Real World" Work Experience

"I wanted to intern at an organization that was dedicated to conservation and the environment. One agency immediately came to mind – the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). I went to the Nebraska NRCS web site and came across the Earth Team information and, I knew that NRCS was absolutely the right place for me."

Jennifer's story









For more information contact:
Joanna Pope, Nebraska Earth Team Volunteer Coordinator
(402) 437-4123