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Forms developed specifically for North Dakota Engineering needs:

The documents below may require Word Reader (DOC files) or Adobe Reader (PDF files) or Excel Viewer (XLS files).


Title Type; Size
ND-ENG-1 Construction Specifications Cover Sheet PDF; 105 KB
ND-ENG-2 Subsurface Investigation Buried Utility Checklist PDF; 112 KB
ND-ENG-3 Engineering Practice Checklist PDF; 87 KB
ND-ENG-4 Dam Inspection Report PDF; 57 KB
ND-ENG-5 Channel Inspection Report PDF; 57 KB
ND-ENG-7 Construction Inspection Report DOC; 42 KB
ND-ENG-8 Peak Discharge Computation Sheet Method I DOC; 46 KB
ND-ENG-9 Peak Discharge Computation Sheet Method II DOC; 47 KB
ND-ENG-10 Sealing Abandoned Wells Data Sheet DOC; 80 KB
ND-ENG-12 Hydrologic Curve Number Computation Sheet DOC; 61KB
ND-ENG-14 Reservoir Storage Capacity XLS; 43 KB
ND-ENG-17 Stockwater Dugout Data Sheet     DOC; 202 KB
ND-ENG-17a Instruction – Stockpond Restoration Data Sheet DOC; 35 KB
ND-ENG-17a Stockpond Restoration Data Sheet DOC; 72KB
ND-ENG-22 Windmill Data Sheet PDF; 554 KB
ND-ENG-41 Log Sheet for Earth Borings DOC; 98 KB
ND-ENG-47 Waterway Data Sheet DOC; 448 KB
ND-ENG-49 Sieve Analysis – Filter Material DOC; 81 KB
ND-ENG-57 Job Approval Authority PDF, 419 KB
ND-ENG-100 Engineering Spot Check Record and Report - A & B XLS; 994 KB
ND-ENG-101 Emergency Response Plan PDF; 95 KB
ND-ENG-442 Refurbished Irrigation Systems Dealer Certification Check Sheet PDF; 123 KB
ND-ENG-533 Pumping Plant Certification of Installation PDF; 143 KB