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Engineering Planning Guides

Planning Guides are available for common North Dakota engineering practices. Planning Guides list technical references for planning a practice, items to consider during the data collection phase, as well as items to complete during the data analysis and formulate alternative phases.  Additional items are listed for assisting the producer make an informed decision.

The documents below require Adobe Reader.

     > Livestock Watering  (PDF, 116 KB)
              applicable to:  516 (Livestock Pipeline), 614 (Watering Facility), 533 (Pump),
                                  642 (Well), 574 (Spring Development), 378 (Pond)
     > Livestock Shelter Structure (PDF, 599 KB)
            applicable to 576 (Livestock Shelter Structure)
     > Grassed Waterway  (PDF, 109 KB)
              applicable to: 412 (Grassed Waterway), 410 (Grade Stabilization Structure), 362 (Diversion)
     > Microirrigation  (PDF, 228 KB)
              applicable to: 441 (Microirrigation), 430 (Irrigation Pipeline), 533 (Pump), 449 (Irrigation Water Mgt)
     > Vegetated Treatment Area  (PDF, 206 KB)
              applicable to: 635 (Vegetated Treatment Area)
     >  Sprinkler System Irrigation (PDF, 641 KB)
               applicable to: 442 (Sprinkler System), 430 (Irrigation Pipeline), 533 (Pumping Plant), 449 (Irrigation Water Mgt)