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Emergency Watershed Protection

North Dakota NRCS

Emergency Watershed Protection Program

Emergency Watershed Protection Program

The Emergency Watershed Protection Program (EWP) is available to provide technical and financial assistance where damage done by a natural disaster poses an imminent threat to life or property, or both.  The program is available to eligible entities for both federally declared disasters, as well as local disasters as approved the NRCS State Conservationist.

ND EWP Fact Sheet
ND NRCS Emergency Response Plan
National EWP Website

ND Program contact:  Christi Fisher, State Conservation Engineer (701) 530-2091

Emergency Watershed Protection – Floodplain Easements

The Emergency Watershed Protection - Floodplain Easement (EWPP-FPE) option offers an alternative method to traditional EWP Program Recovery.  The NRCS may recommends this option to landowners and others where acquiring an easement is the best approach (more economical and prudent) to reduce threat to life and/or property.  A major goal of EWPP–FPE is to restore the land, to the maximum extent possible, to its natural condition. Restoration techniques include the use of structural and non-structural practices to restore the flow and storage of floodwaters, control erosion, move existing infrastructure off the floodplain, and to improve management of the easement.

National EWP Floodplain Easement Website 

ND Program contact:  Todd Hagel, Assistant State Conservationist (Programs) (701)530-2004