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Area II Offices

The employee directory is also available for downloading. This document requires Adobe Acrobat.

North Dakota Employee Directory (PDF; 385 KB)

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Jamestown Area Office  
1301 Business Loop East, Suite 1
Jamestown, ND 58401
Telephone: 701-252-1460
Fax: 855-561-7866
Cellular Phones: 701-320-1944, 701-320-8233
Name Title Phone Ext Cell #
Stuart N. Blotter Assistant State Conservationist (FO) 113 701-426-3389
Brent A. Gustafson Area Resource Conservationist 107 701-6471-4486
Craig Middleton Area Biologist 108  
Erica A. Althoff Area Engineer 101 701-320-0072
Shawn R. Fulton Engineering Technician 114  
Ronald G. Thom Engineering Technician 117  
Hal C. Weiser Soil Health Specialist 105  
Elizabeth G. Burdolski Soil Scientist 116  
Paul T. Flahave Wetland Specialist    
Daniel J. Wingenbach Resource Conservationist 106  
Carol V. Peterson* Ecological Site Inventory Specialist 102  
Ryan J. Foster** Resource Conservationist (Range Emphasis)    
Jocelyn W. Samson Secretary (OA) 103  

* Part of Bismarck MLRA Soil Survey Office
** Currently located at the Mandan Field Office


Ashley  Field Office
118 E. Main, Box 389
Ashley, ND 58413-0389
McIntosh County SCD
Telephone: 701-288-3406
Fax: 855-561-7866
Name Title
Amy C. Schlepp District Conservationist
Patti L. Burian Soil Conservationist
Vacant SCD Technician
Terry Gropper SCD Technician
Chelsey Horner SCD Clerk


916 E. Interstate Avenue, Suite 6
Bismarck, ND 58503
Burleigh County SCD
Telephone: 701-250-4518
Fax: 855-561-7866
Name Title
David D. Pfliiger District Conservationist
Bethany J. Barth Soil Conservationist
Vacant Soil Conservationist
Kip A. Utter Soil Conservation Technician
Mark D. Suchy Wetland Specialist
Tina M. Johs Program Assistant (Farm Bill)
Chad Thorson SCD Technician
Darrell D. Oswald SCD Technician
Joshua F. Dukart SCD Technician
Lucinda "Cindy" Makedonski SCD Clerk


Center Field Office
345 Center Avenue South, Box 87
Center, ND 58530-0087
Oliver County SCD
Telephone: 701-794-3215
Fax: 855-561-7866
Name Title
Valerie K. Hartman District Conservationist
Branden W. Bott Soil Conservationist
Jerimiah D. Hanson SCD Manager/Technician/Clerk


Ellendale Field Office
51 N. 1st Street, Box 190
Ellendale, ND 58436-0190
James River SCD
Telephone: 701-349-3534
Fax: 855-561-7866
Name Title
Lindsey K. Goldade District Conservationist
Andrew J. Wertz Soil Conservationist
Vacant Soil Conservationist
Renee S. Schlosser SCD Clerk/Manager
Tokina Mcharry SCD Watershed Coordinator
Jerimiah Ulmer SCD Technician


Fargo Field Office
1665 43rd St. S
Fargo, ND 58103
Cass County SCD
Telephone: 701-282-2157
Fax: 855-561-7866
Name Title
Joshua J. Monson District Conservationist
Blake P. Johnson Agricultural Engineer
Matthew M. Waclawik Wetland Specialist
Vacant Wetland Specialist
Matthew L. Shappell Soil Conservationist
Lucas W. Schmiesing Soil Conservationist
Jeffrey Miller SCD Operations Coordinator
Anthony R. Peterson SCD Technician
Eric Dahl SCD Watershed Coordinator
Ashley Fisk SCD Urban Conservationist
Amy L. Cole SCD Clerk


Forman Field Office
Wild Rice SCD Building
8991 Highway 32
Forman, ND 58032-9702
Wild Rice SCD
Telephone: 701-724-3247, Ext. 101
Fax: 855-561-7866
Name Title
Vacant District Conservationist
Tyrell T. Macheledt Soil Conservationist
Sheila R. Neiber Soil Conservation Technician
Tim G. Cogger Program Assistant (Farm Bill)
Jordan Croatt Pheasants Forever
Daniel Morrison Farm Bill Specialist
Bonnie Anderson SCD Manager
Raina Ruch SCD Technician
Kelly Cooper SCD CCSP Farm Manager
Trace Hanson SCD Watershed Coordinator/Tech


Garrison Field Office
140 5th Avenue SW
Garrison, ND 58540-0598
West McLean County SCD
Telephone: 701-463-2851
Fax: 855-561-7866
Name Title
Roberto Luciano District Conservationist
Diane M. Krzmarzick Soil Conservation Technician
Vacant SCD Clerk
Rod Stockdill SCD Technician


Jamestown Field Office
1301 Business Loop East
Jamestown, ND 58401-5946
Stutsman County SCD
Telephone: 701-252-2521
Fax: 855-561-7866
Name Title
Austin S. Lang District Conservationist
Marc T. Murdoff Soil Conservationist
Sheryl B. Smith Soil Conservation Technician
Shelesh C. Irby-Tucker Program Assistant (Farm Bill)
Rachel Bush Farm Bill Biologist - Pheasants Forever
Cody Hoggarth Farm Bill Biologist
Deonn Larson SCD Clerk
Dustin Krueger SCD Technician
Ryan Odenbach SCD Watershed Coordinator
Sally Domke SCD Watershed Technician
Kevin Andrus SCD Technician


LaMoure Field Office
USDA211 South Main, Box 278
LaMoure, ND 58458-0278
LaMoure County SCD
Telephone: 701-883-5344
Fax: 855-561-7866
Name Title
Darin D. Hirschkorn District Conservationist
Kelsey S. Naze  Soil Conservationist
Ranita L. Pope-Lloyd Soil Conservation Technician
Robert Flath SCD Watershed Coordinator
Susan K. Muske SCD Manager


Linton Field Office
318 Broadway Street S
Linton, ND 58552-7612
Emmons County SCD
Telephone: 701-254-4653
Fax: 855-561-7866
Name Title
Jennifer M. H. Vetter  District Conservationist
Jenna L. Weigel Soil Conservationist
Scott C. Kelsch Engineering Technician
Marissa L. Czeczok Soil Conservationist
Rhonda Vetsch SCD Clerk
Nick A. Werlinger Scd Clerk


Lisbon Field Office
701 Main Street, Box 431
Lisbon, ND 58054-0431
Ransom County SCD
Telephone: 701-683-4101
Fax: 855-561-7866
Name Title
Mark E. Welter District Conservationist
Jordaan C. Thompson Larson Soil Conservationist
Patrick G. Rohloff Soil Conservationist
Chris Nannenga SCD 319 Watershed Coordinator


Mandan Field Office
2540 Overlook Lane
Mandan, ND 58554-1593
Morton County SCD
701-667-1163, Ext. 3
Fax: 855-561-7866
Name Title
Michele R. Doyle District Conservationist
Melissa C. McCann Soil Conservationist
Ryan J. Foster Resource Conservationist (Range)
Paula M. Kvernum Soil Conservation Technician
Sharon A. Potts-Sayler Soil Conservation Technician 701-658-7550 (VP)
Stephen T. Stensgard Wetland Specialist
Wendy L. Thomson Agricultural Engineer, 701-721-9892 (cell)
Justin Edwards Farm Bill Biologist - Pheasants Forever
Bethany Jo McCleary SCD Clerk
Brandon Schafer SCD Watershed Coordinator
Adam Pachl SCD Technician


McClusky   Field Office
123 Main Street, Box 346
McClusky, ND 58463
Sheridan County SCD
Telephone: 701-363-2252
Fax: 855-561-7866
Name Title
Shawn M. Koltes District Conservationist
David H. Shannon Soil Conservationist
Darci Gahner SCD Manager/Technician


Napoleon Field Office  
103 Lake Ave E., Suite 1
PO Box 240
Napoleon, ND 58561-0240
Logan County SCD
Telephone: 701-754-2234
Fax: 855-561-7866
Name Title
Timothy L. Eide District Conservationist
Michael A. Czeczok Soil Conservationist
Andrew J. Gross Soil Conservation Technician (Term)
Adam Haut Farm Bill Biologist
Terry Weigel SCD (PT)
Shelley Vetter SCD Manager


Steel Field Office  
515 Hwy. 10 West
Steele, ND 58482
Kidder County SCD
Telephone: 701-475-2241
Fax: 855-561-7866
Name Title
Steven N. Kassian District Conservationist
Wade E. Carter Soil Conservationist
Vancant Soil Conservationist
Cortney Kartes SCD Clerk
Joshua Schmaltz SCD Technician


Turtle Lake Field Office
24 2nd Avenue E, Box 537
Turtle Lake, ND 58575-0537
South McLean County SCD
Telephone: 701-448-2377
Fax: 855-561-7866
Name Title
David D. Hendrickson District Conservationist
Vacant Soil Conservationist
Patrick R. Wentz Soil Conservation Technician
Luke Gilbert Conservation Specialist
John T. Mortenson EPA-319 SCD Watershed Coordinator
Vacant SCD Watershed Coordinator


Valley City Field Office 
110 Winter Show Rd. SW, Suite 3
Valley City, ND 58072-4034
Barnes County SCD
Telephone: 701-845-3114, Ext. 3
Fax: 855-561-7866
Name Title
Amanda J. Brandt District Conservationist
Vacant Soil Conservationist
Vacant Soil Conservationist
Jill Olson SCD Clerk/Manager
Lori Frank SCD Watershed Coordinator
Jason Elston SCD Technician


Wahpeton Field Office
1687 Bypass Road
Wahpeton, ND 58075-3100
Richland County SCD
Telephone: 701-642-5997 or 701-642-8047
Fax: 855-561-7866
Name Title
Jason H. Hanson District Conservationist
Joanie F. Rau Soil Conservationist
Ryan F. Haspel Soil Conservationist
Derrick D. Klimesh Wetland Specialist
Becky Myhra SCD Clerk
Arthur Stringham II SCD Technician
Jennifer Klostreich SCD Watershed Coordinator