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Mr. and Mrs. Yang - Breaking Barriers

Mrs. Yang a Hmong FarmerAs is common with immigrant farmers, language barriers can create a wall. For Catawba County Hmong husband and wife farmers, Chou Yang (husband) and Chou Yang (wife), their desires for natural resource conservation were stronger than language differences. The Yang family sought Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Farm Bill conservation program participation to help in their land stewardship efforts.

NRCS and the Yang family were determined to communicate, and partnered with Der Xiong, an Immigrant Agriculture Agent for Catawba County. With the translation assistance of Ms. Xiong, the Yangs became interested in, and received, NRCS technical and financial assistance for conservation planning and Seasonal High Tunnel Systems. Today, their cut flower farm operation in Claremont, NC, is actively utilizing technical conservation management assistance and a Seasonal High Tunnel System. The Seasonal High Tunnel System, along with improved natural resource management, will allow them to increase farm profit by having flowers earlier and later in the year, and will help sustain Catawba County’s valuable resources.  The USDA Service Center in Catawba County is very proud of the partnership with Mr. and Mrs. Chou Yang and their proactive efforts to spread the conservation partnership message and opportunities throughout the Hmong community.