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NOLO Students Assist North Carolina NRCS

By, Yomaree Diaz-Cortes
NOLO Students NRCs

This year NRCS had the opportunity to work hand and hand with the NOLO Consulting. Nolo Consulting is a non-profit organization with a goal of providing outreach to Hispanic landowners and students. This year they started a program to place Hispanic interns  in states in professional opportunities and to help partners, with the assistance of the interns, to provide outreach in Hispanic communities. Here in North Carolina, we had four NOLO interns. They started in North Carolina on June 11, 2018. All four are majoring in Agriculture. They have been station in different field offices around North Carolina. Mariemines Ortiz, was stationed in Asheboro, F.O.; Jowin Hernández, was stationed in Burlington, N. C., Luis Román, was stationed in Asheville, F.O.

Mariemines, also known as “Marie” when asked about her experience, said, “I am from Orocovis, PR and I, like the other 3 interns, study Agriculture at the University of PR at Mayaguez. I decided to do this internship because I wanted to see if I can pursue a career with this agency and to also gain as much professional experience as possible before I finish my Degree. During my internship I have learn about the different types of conservation practices such construction of watering facilities, prescribed grazing and fencing, Animal Mortality Facilities, and everything else we can put our hands on to learn. In my time here, I have been able to learn about stream crossings, compliance review, buffers, surveys, mapping, plotting, GIS, Trimble, and have had the opportunity to follow the nine steps of conservation to understand the preparation of a contract.”

Marie has mNOLO Student Farm Visitost enjoyed working with technology. “One thing I have enjoy more during this internship experience has being working with the Trimble and the ArcGIS Program to build maps. Everything I have done here during my internship has amazed me because everything an NRCS employees does helps the farmer improve their fields, their land.”

As she leaves North Carolina to go back to school, Marie made it clear that she hopes to continue with NRCS. “I consider what NRCS does an important job and I would like to work with this agency in a future. Thank you NC-NRCS for this amazing growing opportunity.”


Top image left to right: Pedro Ayala, Jowin Hernández, Francisco Martínez, Mariemines Ortiz, Luis Román, Rafael Vega

Bottom image: Mariemines Ortiz