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News Release

DamWatch - Monitoring NC Dams

Raleigh, NC - NRCS is announcing that a new tool to help monitor dams is available to NRCS employees, partners and sponsors of watershed projects in North Carolina. As North Carolina’s dams age, and homes, businesses and highways are constructed downstream, it becomes increasingly important to use all possible means to monitor and manage the dams to ensure they function as they were designed and that they remain safe.  DamWatch® will assist watershed project sponsors and NRCS in monitoring efforts. 

DamWatch® is a web-based solution monitoring tool that will provide real-time monitoring of potential threats to dam safety including rainfall events and seismic activity and will alert essential personnel with vital information.

You can access DamWatch® from our national NRCS Watershed Rehabilitation website. For more information, please contact North Carolina State Engineer Terri Ruch at