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Water Quality & Quantity Tools and Resources

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  Water Management
Tool (click for web page) Scale Description
   FIRI (Farm Irrigation Rating Index) any A uniform and objective evaluation method for planning irrigation water conservation and identifying ground water and surface water pollution potential. 
   CPED (Center Pivot Evaluation & Design) field Helps assess center pivot performance and application uniformity.
   Drainmod any Simulates the hydrology of poorly drained, high water table soils and predicts the effects of drainage and associated water management practices on water table depths, the soil water regime and crop yields.
   ND Drain (contact Clare Prestwich) any Calculates lateral effects of drains on wetlands.
   Rosetta field Develops soil properties for use in Drainmod and ND Drain.
   SPAW any A daily hydrologic budget model for agricultural fields and ponds (wetlands, lagoons, ponds and reservoirs). Included are irrigation scheduling and soil nitrogen.
   Cropflex field Provides recommendations for producers on irrigation timing and nutrient scheduling.
   PivotD field Pivot Design spreadsheet.
   Periodic move Sprinkler Design field Periodic move Sprinkler Design spreadsheet.
   Microirrigation Design field Microirrigation Design spreadsheet.
   Surface2 field Surface Irrigation Design Tool.
   WinSRFR field Surface Irrigation Design tool developed by ARS.
   Phaucet field  Uses field and technical information to calculate existing system performance and define alternatives for improving irrigation efficiency.
   IWRpm any Calculates irrigation water requirements.
   Wasuit field Calculates water suitability and leaching efficiency.
   Salinity Toolbox field Water Chemistry and irrigation design sheet.
   ChemAnalysis field Water chemistry tool developed by BOR.
   ESAP field Spatial Stat analysis and calibration model for salt effected soils.
   WinFlume any Broadcrested weir design tool.
   Coanda any Coanda inlet screen design tool.
  Hydrology and Hydraulics
Tool (click for web page) Scale Description
   EFT-- Hydraulic Formulas any Calculator for numerous NRCS Engineering Field Tools related to water.
   Engineering Field Handbk Ch. 2 (EFH-2) any Estimating runoff and peak discharge as determined by procedures contained in NRCS Engineering Field Handbook, Chapter 2.
   WinTR-55 Small Watershed Hydrology any NRCS small watershed hydrology model
   WinTR-20 Project Formulation Hydrology any NRCS watershed hydrology model
   Streamflow Frequency Curves watershed Used to determine recurrence intervals of streamflow at gaged locations.
   Cross-Section Analyzer any Used to determine hydraulic parameters of streamflow cross-sections.
   Dam-Breach Hydrographs watershed or small sub-basin Spreadsheet tool to develop dam breach hydrographs as input to hydraulic models.
   Unit Hydrograph Transformer watershed or small sub-basin Spreadsheet tool to develop dimensioned unit hydrographs from SCS dimensionless hydrographs, for use in non NRCS hydrology models.
   HEC-RAS Support Material stream reaches Stream Hydraulics Model.
   Civil 3D Export to HecRAS stream reaches Spreadsheet tool to help assemble HecRAS input from Civil 3D data.
   WinDAM watershed NRCS program to model flow through dams and embankment breaches.
   SITES watershed NRCS program for modeling watershed rainfall-runoff events and evaluating potential earthen spillway erosion.
   AGNPS watershed Continuous simulation non-point source water quality watershed simulation model.