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Fire and Post-Wildfire Hydrology

In progress: Technical Note: Hydrologic Analysis for Post-Wildfire Conditions

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet available for download: Fire Hydrology (ver 1.3)

User Notes for Fire Hydrology Spreadsheet (Microsoft Word): User Notes

One of the first efforts to establish some methodology for adjustment of runoff curve numbers for the effects of wildfire was Cerrelli (2005). Studying Montana wildfire events in 2000 and 2001, Cerrelli created an Excel spreadsheet which computes watershed curve numbers for four conditions: 1) pre-fire, 2) early post-fire with possible hydrophobicity, 3) medium term post-fire with hydrophobicity no longer in effect, but little re-emergent vegetation, and 4) later post fire, after one growing season.

Cerrelli, G.A. 2005. FIRE HYDRO, a simplified method for predicting peak discharges to assist in the design of flood protection measures western wildfires. In Proceedings of the ASCE 2005 Watershed Management Conference, July 2005, Williamsburg VA. pp. 935-941.

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