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Dam Breach Hydrographs

Dam Breach Hydrographs via TR-60 and TR-66 NRCS Guidance

The following Microsoft Excel spreadsheet was developed by the NRCS Water Quality and Quantity Technology Development Team, has been tested, and correctly produces the results of Manning's equation for uniform flow in a cross-section. The spreadsheet employs macros which are safe in this version at the time downloaded. The user is cautioned that proper use of the spreadsheet requires training in hydraulics.

      DambreachHydrographTR60ver3.xlsm        NEM 520.2 Dams chapter

      TR-60 Earth Dams and Reservoirs                TR-66 Simplified Dam-Breach Routing Procedure

Here's a screenshot of the spreadsheet (scroll horizontally at the bottom):
dambreach screenshot


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