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Hydrologic Modeling Lectures & Workshops

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These lectures and workshops supplement the material offered on the NRCS WinTR-20 and WinTR-55 pages (links below). Not specific to those hydrologic models, the following lectures and workshops cover the topic of hydrologic modeling more generally, and may include information about other computer models, such as HecHMS.

Link to WinTR-20 information         Link to WinTR-55 information

PowerPoint Files

HecHMS from Scratch       with SCS methods (using version 4.3, with workshop files in the next section below)
Model-Dependent Realism       Referred to in the lecture: Solar System Model (Excel)
Hydrologic Model Comparison & Contrast

Workshop Files

HMS from Scratch with SCS Methods
         This workshop, in HMS version 4.3, contains input data discussed in the same named PowerPoint above.

                  Workshop File

Hydrologic Model Comparison & Contrast
         This workshop explores the three hydrologic models WinTR-20, WinTR-55, and HecHMS. The following
         Word file contains step by step instructions for the workshop. The zipped file contains not only the file of
         instructions, but also several folders of information involved in the workshop, which includes running the
         three programs. To complete the workshop you will need to have loaded the three programs. A single
         watershed will be modeled with each program, and differences in model interface, input, and output will
         be examined.

                 Instructions        Workshop Files